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Public Works Week – R.M. of East St. Paul, Helping to keep our Community clean!

Posted: May 26, 2017

Public Works Week – R.M. of East St. Paul

Helping to keep our Community clean!


Did you know?

 The R.M of East St. Paul has 30 in-ground garbage bins throughout the municipality.

 The in-ground garbage bins hold approximately 6-8 cubic yards of waste per bin.

 The R.M. of East St. Paul has 37 recycle bins throughout the municipality.

 The recycling bin holds approximately 32 gallons of recyclable items.


Everyone can take part in keeping litter off our grounds!  If litter is along the walkway, East St. Paul residents are encouraged to take part, and put the litter in the appropriate bin.  YOUcan make a world of difference!


How our garbage bins work for you!


Self closing lid with gasket - air and water tight acts as an insect, bird and animal deterrent


Odor and Fire flange - Controls air movement inside the container, helping with odor and fire control


Equipped with Locking devices - Restricts access and limits vandalism


Gravity Compressed - Due to high volume capacity the refuse self compacts achieving an average of a 2:1 compaction ratio compared to normal baskets or barrels which helps extend the amount of time in between emptying the bins.


Geothermal cooling - In-ground refuse is naturally kept cool slowing decomposition allowing for longer garbage removal cycles.


Construction - Made from rugged Polyethylene. Very durable, rust and decay free so they will last for many years enabling residents to dispose of waste while enjoying our parks and trails.



Where are these garbage bins and recycling containers located?

Garbage bins and recycling containers are located within all the parks as well as along many of the walking trails, pathways and sidewalks throughout the RM.  The RM has developed a garbage and recycling map with all the parks and active transportation networks so that you can plan your route to dispose of that dog waste bag or to recycle that water bottle. Please see the map below.




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