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Emergency Preparedness Week May 2nd – 8th, 2021 – Day 5

Posted: May 7, 2021

"Be ready for anything”

                  We would like to close out the week by providing some brief information on several topics.


                  Many of our residents still have wells for their source of water.  Some of these wells are starting to show their age.  Following is some information which will be helpful to you.

·       If drilling a new well, consider factors such as accessibility, potential future development and ensuring a proper distance from neighbouring property

·       Be wary of contamination which may occur due to runoff or flood water entering well, sewage from leaking holding tanks or septic fields, seepage from improperly stored fuels or chemicals

·       Ensure the top of the well casing is at least 12 inches above grade

·       Check the well cap regularly to make sure it fits properly and is tight

·       Be wary of groundwater collecting near well.  It may require the need to do some landscaping to ensure proper runoff

·       Take a water sample and have it tested on a regular basis through an approved lab

·       Have a qualified person do regular inspection and maintenance on your system


                  Ensuring your residence has continuous power during an emergency does provide great comfort for you and your family.  Installing a portable generator is an excellent option in case of a prolonged power failure.  If you intend on connecting a portable generator to your home electrical system, this requires a transfer switch and should be installed by a qualified electrician.  Portable generators should never be used indoors (garage included) due to the potential of carbon monoxide poisoning.

                  In the March 2021 newsletter published by the RM, there is some great information on the use and installation of portable generators.  It can be accessed through the municipality website, residents tab under newsletters.

Overland flood insurance

The probability of an earthquake occurring in East St Paul is very low when compared to the risk of overland flooding.  There are many causes of overland flooding such as a quick thaw in the spring when the ground is still frozen and unable to absorb moisture.  In addition, the risk exists in summer due to sudden torrential thunderstorms resulting in heavy rain. 

  Homeowners can reduce the risk of property damage by installing down spouts to drain water away from basement windows and foundations.  Proper landscaping and correct grading around houses to channel water away also helps.

Residents are reminded that overland flood insurance is now available in the province of Manitoba as this type of flooding damage may not covered by government. Contact your local insurance broker for further information and advice.

"Be ready for anything” covers many areas when it comes to emergency management.  Residents can lessen the impact of an emergency on their lives and those of their family and friends by pre-planning today.

                  Hopefully, the information presented these past few days during Emergency Preparedness Week is helpful.  Residents are also encouraged to check the RM website for more information on emergency preparedness.  If you have any questions, please contact the admin office and someone will get back to you.



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