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Councillor Corner - Ward 2, Orest Horechko

Posted: April 29, 2021

Councillor Corner
Ward 2 - Orest Horechko

The RM will be adding more naturalization to the municipality in 2021 in some of our green areas.

Naturalized spaces have many benefits to the community and environment. To learn more about the good they do, read on!

These areas incorporate more native grasses, forbs, and trees, rather than just mowed grass areas. This actively growing vegetation helps use runoff and precipitation, rather than having it pool or cause flooding to surrounding neighbourhoods.

They also help stabilize the soil with their root systems – this means less sedimentation into the ponds and water bodies and healthier soil.

Naturalized areas provide habitat not only for birds and other mammals,
but pollinators like bees and butterflies as well as mosquito-eating dragonflies.

Natural grasses and treed areas are better for air quality, releasing oxygen into the atmosphere, and they can also help trap pollutants, rather than have them infiltrate through the soil towards our water supply.

Naturalized areas have also been shown to improve wellness and reduce stress; they are beautiful and park like.  And, as they mature, require less maintenance.

These are some of the many benefits of naturalized areas, and the staff of the RM of East. St. Paul are excited to help green our areas and bring these benefits to our residents. You will see naturalization in the Swistun Family Heritage Park with the addition of trees and grasses as well as along Marconi trail and by the ponds. 


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