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ESP Fire one of few with trench rescue training

Posted: June 30, 2020

ESP Fire one of few with trench rescue training

The East St. Paul Fire Department is one of the very best trained rural fire departments in the province.

All firefighters joining the East St. Paul Fire Department must have Level 2 Fire Fighter certification.

Fire department officers must have Level 1 or Level 2 Fire Officer certification depending on rank.

The East St. Paul Fire Department is one of a very few fire departments in the province trained in trench rescue.

Although trench rescue incidents are quite rare, they are one of the most dangerous rescue operations to complete.

Trench rescue operations follow a very detailed, methodical procedure to ensure all responding personnel are kept safe and prevent any further trench collapse that would trap responding members.

Trench rescue incidents can last many hours, even days, and take an exceptional toll on responding personnel.

Members starting a trench rescue operation are required to remain on scene until the end of the incident due to the rescue process throughout the incident.

Throughout the course of a rescue a detailed list of the rescue operational procedures is maintained to ensure the first rescue shore placed in the trench is the last shore removed from the trench without exception.

This first in and last out process maximizes personnel safety and the most critical of operational procedures in rescue operations.

Due to the level of training and equipment required to respond to a trench collapse, the East St. Paul Fire Department has been called upon by neighbouring fire departments to provide trench rescue support.

The East St. Paul Fire Department takes extreme pride in the levels of training they have achieved and the emergency services they provide to their residents and community along with the specialized emergency services they can provide to their neighbours in a time of need. 


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