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Enhanced communication for Public Hearing notification

Posted: April 8, 2019

Enhanced communication for Public Hearing notification

East St. Paul Council is enhancing its notification process.
Beginning in April 2019, a link to the Red River Planning District's public hearings page will be posted monthly on the East St. Paul website and sent out via our email distribution list, Facebook, and Twitter.  There, residents can view the public hearings scheduled and keep up to date with the applications being made to Council.
Every month, East St. Paul Council holds a meeting primarily dedicated to planning items including variances, conditional uses, subdivision and rezoning.  Some examples of the types of applications routinely made include building an oversized detached storage building, building a home with a larger footprint closer to the property lines, subdividing a lot into multiple titles, or rezoning property from residential to multi-family or commercial use.
Applications for these planning items are made to East St. Paul's planning authority, the Red River Planning District (RRPD) in Selkirk, MB.  When an application is made, professional staff at the RRPD research the application and make a recommendation based on the legal framework.  Their work is guided by the Manitoba Planning Act (provincial legislation) and East St. Paul's Development Plan and zoning by-laws.  A member of the RRPD staff attends the East St. Paul planning meeting and presents their review and recommendation.  This is also the first time every member of Council hears the details of the application.
Making an application with the RRPD does not imply that Council has endorsed the matter; Council is required to hold a public hearing to hear from the applicant and from anyone who wants to speak in favour, in opposition or for more information.
Under the Manitoba Planning Act, the RRPD is required to make notifications prior to a public hearing.  Property owners within a 300 foot radius of the subject property are notified personally by letter, and signage is posted on the subject property.  In the case of a zoning by-law amendment, the hearings are also advertised in the Selkirk Journal newspaper which is now available to every East St. Paul resident.
To receive the monthly link to the upcoming public hearings, sign up to receive the email notifications at eaststpaul.com.


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