New 2020 Garbage & Recycling Schedule
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Garbage and recycling moving to five days per week,

additional zone added


Beginning January 2020, the RM of East St. Paul will transition from a four-day per week garbage and recycling pick-up schedule to a five-day per week schedule.


Currently, garbage is collected from the curbside each week from Tuesday to Friday. Recycling is collected every second week. Beginning in January, garbage will be collected from Monday to Friday weekly, and recycling will be collected Monday to Friday, bi-weekly.


This will mean changes in pick-up days for many of our residents.


Under the four-day pick-up system, the municipality was divided into four zones – it will now be divided into five zones. Your garbage will still be picked up once a week and your recycling every second week. But your day may change, depending on what zone you now are in.


You will receive a new garbage and recycling schedule in your mail in late December. It will include a new calendar that will show what zone, from 1 to 5, you fall into for garbage pick-up, and whether you are in Zone A or B for recycling pick up. It will be a single calendar that is easy to follow and will include instructions on how to follow it.


There will also be an alphabetical street listing that will indicate which garbage zone you are in, the day your garbage will be picked up and which recycling zone you are in.


For example, if you live on Agar Avenue between civic addresses of 1943 and 1979, you are in Zone 5B; your garbage will be picked up weekly on Friday, and your recycling will be picked up bi-weekly, on Fridays indicated on the map with a B. If you live on Eastwood Drive, you are in Zone 1A; your garbage will be picked up weekly on Monday and your recycling will be picked up bi-weekly, on Mondays indicated on the map with an A.


Your garbage and recycling pick-up day will remain the same, unless adjusted for the following statutory holidays – Remembrance Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


The new calendar will also include information on yard waste collection and Large item pick-up dates.


Residential growth in the municipality necessitated the move to five-day pick up. Since 2012, there have been approximately 350 new single-family dwellings built in East St. Paul.


Moving to five days will allow the RM’s garbage and recycling contractor, Waste Connections of Canada, to evenly distribute the number of pick-ups per day, and will allow for future development within the municipality.


There is no additional cost to the RM to move to five-day pick up.


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