The Rural Municipality of East St. Paul offers many recreational activities and opportunities for residents and visitors. To find out more about Local Recreation in the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul, please click on one of the links to the left.

For more detail and information on each program and activity please visit the link 'Programs and Activities' to the left. 


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For more information please contact:

Recreation Programmer Arena and Recreation Complex
Tyne Mills 266 Hoddinott Road
(204) 668-8336 Ext. 112 East St. Paul, MB R2E 0H7
Email: (204) 661-5331


A map/tour of Parks, Trails and Recreation Facilities here in the municipality.



ESPCC offers a wide variety of sports and activities such as Hockey, Skating, Baseball, and Soccer. To learn more about the programs and activities offered in East St. Paul visit their website here- 

Through volunteer initiative, ESPCC will openly provide and manage a broad range of sports and recreational activities in a cost effective, safe, and responsible manner based on our community's changing needs.                                                                                        


  • To improve the quality of core programs and actively develop appropriate new programs.
  • To encourage pride in the ESPCC by making volunteerism rewarding and fun.
  • To anticipate and advocate facility needs through a strong working relationship with the Rural Municipality of East St. Paul.
  • To improve communications between the community and the East St. Paul Community Club.
General Manager Community Club Address
Nancy Plustwa 264 Hoddinott Road
(204) 654-9496 East St. Paul, MB
Email: R2E 0H7

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